About Us

Team Monroe was inspired by the support of our very first Vision Walk with the Foundation Fighting Blindness.
Monroe was born on her due date, the 17th of July, with a rare genetic condition. She was diagnosed at a day old with Bi-lateral Anophthalmia, when one or both eyes do not fully develop. With no complications, it was not detected during pregnancy, as you can imagine it was a complete surprise at birth! In Monroe’s case, it is the absence of both eyes. This condition occurs at an estimate of 1 in every 10,000 births.
Blindness is a unique experience for each individual, Monroe was born this way so that is all she knows, This Is Our “normal”. With a determined mother and a bit of guidance through non-stop therapy and doctor appointments, Monroe lives a full life. She’s an incredibly happy, joyful, caring and intelligent little girl filled with lots of love. Monroe enjoys making music, being outdoors and meeting new friends. She is a very inquisitive young lady aka my little "nosey rosey". She loves learning new things! 
Recently, braille has been a huge part in Monroe’s development and she’s doing great! Learning to read and write using her Perkins brailler. She’s always had a very full schedule including: PT, OT, O&M, Speech, routine appointments and lessons, but we've adjusted to distance learning all around. The "routine" of things has been very different but Monroe does not seem to mind and looks forward to it actually. From a very young age Monroe has always adjusted to her surroundings and learned how to figure things out quickly. She's always been fearless and resilient to each challenge that comes her way. 
Living in such a sighted world, our mission is to bring awareness to diversity and inclusion; advocating for blindness.
 Team Monroe LLC